Ed-Shed Confirms Return for 2023

We are pleased to confirm that local YouTuber Ed-Shed is coming back for our 2023 event, with a promise of more cars of interest and maybe even his soapbox racer!

Ed started making video recordings of his exploits with the restorations of his fleet and now has a YouTube channel “EdShed Restorations” which showcase’s many of them and the work involved with maintaining a fleet of classic cars on a budget. When you have the amount he has you need to be smart with what you spend and he does this by always trying to reuse or rebuild what he has and is not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to modifications that can improve the day to day use of his vehicles.

Check out the Ed-Shed channel on YouTube and subscribe to see what he gets up to as he’s always adding new and different cars.

Last year Eds display was hugely popular, with interest in his Aston Martin restoration project, Jaguars and Marcos cars creating a regular and busy stream of curious spectators!

We can’t wait to see what Ed brings along this year!