Exhibitor Registration & Terms of Entry

Thank you for your interest in registering your vehicle for display at our show.

Advanced Exhibitor Registration is now closed. You can still turn up on the day and exhibit your vehicle, entry is £5 per adult at the gate. Please note that the show field is closed to exhibitor access from 10:30am.

Please review the terms of entry below, then complete all required information on the form and click Register.


Gates open on the day for display vehicles from 7:30am until 10:00am. Vehicles arriving after this time can not be gauranteed entry to the show field.

All vehicles arriving after 10:30am will be directed to the Public Parking area only.

The Owners and Drivers of the exhibit or entry must be covered by a current and valid Third Party Insurance Policy, including exhibitor use. A copy of which MUST be made available to Authorised Club Officials if requested.

Owners must ensure drivers are fully competent and have a valid and appropriate licence and be qualified to drive or handle the exhibit or entry.

Under no circumstances should an exhibit or entry be left running unattended.

When an exhibit or entry is unattended, it MUST be left securely braked and immobilised and the ignition keys must be removed for safety.

All Working entries and exhibits must be in safe working condition.

A MAXIMUM speed of 5MPH shall apply to all moving vehicles including all entries of exhibits on the show field. Any exhibitor found exceeding the speed limit will be asked to leave forthwith.

In the interest of safety, if you need to leave the show field before 4pm, please locate an event marshall to safely escort your vehicle out of the field.  Attempting to leave the show field before 4pm without marshalled supervision will result in a lifetime ban for the exhibitor.

All owners and drivers must obey the instructions of event Marshals and shall not risk or endanger any persons or animals on the site or on any part of the show field.

Owners are responsible for their own personal effects for which the Show organisers will take no responsibility.

The use of barbecues, camping stoves and other such items with naked flames for the purpose of cooking on site is strictly prohibited. Absolutely no open fires are allowed!

Sleeping or camping on site is not permitted without prior consent from the Organisers.

All entries to the event are accepted at the show co-ordinators discretion.

Health and Safety Statement

As the organisers of the White Horse Classic & Vintage Car Show, The Lions Club of Westbury and Trowbridge Lions Club wish to ensure not only that the event is safe and without risk to anyone, but also that safe working practices are maintained at all times. This includes not only our volunteers and helpers, but also event contractors, exhibitors and members of the public. The show field is considered to be a workplace in legal terms, and all participants must therefore observe relevant health and safety requirements and adopt the best practice.

Disclaimer of Liability

The Lions Club of Westbury and Trowbridge Lions Club accepts no responsibility for any personal injury or for any damage to, or loss of vehicles/traders entries or personal effects or loss of income incurred by exhibitors or their guests or employees as a result of attendance or proposed attendance at the show.