Stallholder Enquiries & Terms

We aim to ensure that where possible stallholders are unique and without duplication at the show, although we do where possible give first option to stallholders who have previously supported our events.

Please review our terms and conditions below and if you are happy to accept these, then complete the enquiry form so that we can get in touch with you.

Once your enquiry form has been received, a member of our events team will contact you to confirm your booking.

Please give us some details about your stall so that our team can quickly decide if your application can be approved.

Stallholder Terms and Conditions

Commercial stallholders must pay a fee for their pitch, and should note that all pitch fees are invoiced and must be paid for no less than 14 days in advance of the show to ensure their pitch is allocated.

Stallholders who have not settled their invoice in advance will be turned away on the day.

Stallholders who settle their invoices before 10th August will be included in the list of stallholders in the event programme.

Pitch Fees

3m x 3m non-food pitch: £25 (larger pitches negotiable)

5m x 5m Food pitch: £120


All stallholders will be required to submit a valid copy of their Public Liability Insurance Certificate to our coordinator in advance of the event. No exceptions to this requirement are permitted.

Food traders will also be required to provide a valid fire risk assessment in advance.

The Organisers and Site Owners are not responsible for any loss or damage to any person’s vehicle / property entering the site.

The Organisers reserve the right to ask any stallholder to leave the site immediately.

Setup and Breakdown

Stalls must be fully erected and ready as least 30 minutes before the event opens to the public (10:30am) and may not be broken down until closing time (4:30pm) the same day.

All stallholder equipment must be contained within the space allocated.

All vehicle movement associated with the stall shall, regardless of the time of day, be at a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour and hazard warning lights must be on when manoeuvring on site.

Unloading and loading will be available on site and we generally permit your vehicles to remain behind your stall. In exceptional circumstances, or where you have multiple vehicles, we may direct you to move some/all vehicles elsewhere on site. Please be compliant as this is usually for safety reasons.

All stalls should be maintained in a good state of repair and condition to the satisfaction of the Event Manager/Health and Safety team.

Stallholders are responsible for the insurance and safekeeping of all equipment or articles brought onto the site and no responsibility is accepted by The Organisers.

The Organisers do not provide power, tables, chairs or gazebos for stallholders. Please ensure you have all items you require! A standpipe providing potable water is available on site if required but no permanent connections are permitted to be made to it on the day.

General Practice, Safety and Stallholder Conduct

Stallholders are not permitted to sublet, sub-contract nor share any part of their allocated site.

Stallholders must take responsibility for health and safety and abide by the appropriate regulations and codes of practice. Traders will be responsible for the management and removal of their own waste; except where specifically agreed by the Event Manager.

A Trader must conduct themselves in a manner befitting the charitable nature of the Event and in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Any use of offensive language or any act which may cause offence to other traders, members of the public or Event personnel or representatives of same is strictly forbidden. Such behaviour will result in you being asked to leave the Event.

Please note: Charitable stalls are restricted to 3m x 3m spaces and are not charged a stallholders fee. We will ask for your registered charity number to confirm your charitable status.

Restricted Items

The following items are expressly prohibited and must not be sold at the Event; medicines/drugs, combat knives, air guns, cross bows, other offensive weapons, items of a pornographic nature, fireworks, pets, animals, fish or livestock. This list is not exhaustive and other items may be prohibited by the Event Manager or Safety Team.

Food Trader Specific Requirements

All traders handling and preparing food must comply with current food hygiene regulations.

All food traders must be registered with their local authority* as a food business. The registration must cover the scope and nature of the activities undertaken at the Event. (*mobile food businesses are required to register with the local authority in which they store their equipment.)

Food traders must make the Organisers aware of any change in their National Food Hygiene rating as shown on the Food Standards Agency Website.

All food traders must have sufficient food hygiene training to allow them to handle and prepare food safely.

Traders handling open foods must have their own facilities solely for the hygienic washing and drying of hands. This means having an adequate volume of hot and cold water available for hand washing, a suitable receptacle in which to wash hands, and hygienic means with which to dry hands for example, paper towel. This does not apply to those traders selling uncut fruit and vegetables, fully packaged foods, dry goods such as pulses and grains or bread.

Traders must ensure that all food contact surfaces (e.g. table tops, table covers, storage containers and displays) are in a good condition and be easy to clean and disinfect. Surfaces must be smooth, washable, and constructed of non-toxic materials.

Where necessary traders must have an adequate volume of hot and cold water available for cleaning; and where necessary disinfecting working utensils and equipment; and a suitable receptacle in which to clean these items and hygienic means to dry them.

Where foodstuffs are cleaned traders must have adequate means to do so hygienically.

Traders must make adequate arrangements and/or facilities for the hygienic storage and disposal of hazardous and/or inedible substances and waste (whether liquid or solid).

Food traders must display and store high risk foods below 8°C at all times. Traders must have an accurate means to check the temperature of their chilled foods and records of those checks. Chilled foods which achieve a temperature above 8°C must be thrown away after 4 hours. (Please note that both the time and temperature requirement are set out in law. Accurate means a probe)

Food traders must display hot foods above 63°C, if they fall below 63°C they must be thrown away after 2 hours. Traders must have an accurate means to check the temperature of their hot foods and records of those checks. (Please note that both the time and temperature requirement are set out in law. Accurate means a probe)

Please note that this is not an extensive list and you should abide by all regulations related to your business. If in doubt, please contact your local authority who should be able to assist.


If you are unable to attend the Event, you must let the Events Team know no less than 7 days before the event by email. Please note that your stall fee is non-refundable once paid unless the event is cancelled by The Organisers.